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Thanks to Marvin we got the house we really wanted.

He was accessible when we needed him and is quick to return calls. I feel his greatest strength is negotiating and presenting the offer. That is an excellent strength to have in stressful multiple offer situations.

Jason F. & Colleen W.

Marvin Sommers is a great guy and cares about his clients.

He was truly professional and delivered us Genuine Service. We will recommend Marvin to our friends and use his services again when needed.

Daryl Z. & Chrisie B.

I was very pleased with the service Mr.

Marvin Sommers extended to me.

Mr. P.

Marvin was very professional, organized and helpful.

The process was enjoyable, especially considering we had a limited time to find a house.

Dan & Kelly J.

Marvin went above & beyond our expectations in every way.

Jeff & Amy N.

We met many agents from various agencies, and then found Marvin.

Being first time homebuyers, Marvin was patient and knowledgeable. Thank goodness!!!

Mr. R & Mrs. R.

Marvin was GREAT to have as an agent.

He went above and beyond for me. He definitely has my recommendation. I hope to deal with him in the future! Thanks again Marvin!!

Kerry D.

Marvin was efficient, well informed and very courteous.

He really found the right house for us, not to mention, sold out old home in 11 days. No complaints!

T & L R.

We again enjoyed or brief dealing with Marvin Sommers and would definitely use him again in the future!

Thank you.

Pam D. & Michael G.

Marvin did an outstanding job for us!

Elaine B. & Ellen H

I have dealt with REALTORS in the past and Marvin is the best by far - thank you again from us.

Rick B. & Arlene H.

Marvin treated my husband and myself very well.

He provided excellent service and was very helpful. We appreciate everything he did for us and would recommend him. In the future, if we ever move, we will contact Marvin again. Thank very much.

Mr. & Mrs. T

We had Marvin Sommers for our agent.

He did a fantastic job for us. We have not hesitated to recommend him to anyone we know who may need an agent. We would absolutely use Marvin again in the future.

Dale & Brenda R.

Marvin did a great job.

My schedule wasn't very easy to deal with but he fit it into his and I greatly appreciate it.

Travis S.

Marvin is a great guy.

He explained everything to us very well, every step of the way.

Preston & Cheryl S.

We really appreciated Marvin.

He gave us everything we needed. Thanks.

James & Naomi K.

Marvin Sommers was an excellent and we will use him again.

We will also recommend him to friends.

Ben S & Lottie F.

Marvin is great!

Alma Louise G. & Matthew L.

Buyer was available almost immediately

Mrs. R.


Sommers was excellent, he kept us well informed. Mr Sommers' professional manners and professional information were beyond compare. Thank you so much.

Gloria S.

Marvin Sommers answered all my questions with patience and understanding.

I can only say good things about him. Thank you.

Mr. A.

We would like to recommend Marvin for his services.

He went out of his way to please us & will be recommended, as he has been already by us. Thank You!

Mark & Sandy A.

We really enjoyed dealing with Marvin and appreciated his good service.

James & Caroline I.

Marvin was a perfect representation of us in selling our property.

His professionalism and good nature mixed with true integrity is what we like about him the best. Thanks Marvin.

Daryl & Chrisie Z.

I have dealt with REALTORS in the past and Marvin is the best by far.

Thank him again for us.

Rick B. & Arlene H.

Our overall experience with Marvin was an excellent one.

He was concerned about us from the start and assured us all the way through.

Bill & Maxine Z


Sommers was excellent. He kept us well informed. Mr. Sommer's professional manners and professional information were beyond compare. Thank you so much.

Gloria S.

It was a pleasant experience as well as a fast sale.

Trent D.


Sommers was great. He was exceedingly helpful and supportive during a very trying time for myself. My heartfelt thanks.

Mr. S.


Sommers was very informative on our first meeting with him. He provided us with courteous service right to the end.

Carlo & Teresa D.

Marvin did a very good job putting this deal together.

Michael S.

Very Good Job!

Mr. & Mrs. D.

Marvin did a great job.

My schedule wasn't very easy to deal with but he fit it into his and I appreciate that.

Travis S.

Marvin Sommers is an absolute pleasure to work with in regards to selling our home.

He is extremely professional and patient. We would and will be recommending him to others. Very informed and knowledgeable.

Mike & Maureen C

A few years back he put together a neat package regarding Capital Gains on a residence.

I was struck by the relaxed confidence and polish of the man. Very neat and organized, dedicated and not overbearing. This time he put together a thorough CMA and was honest about it not being the rush time of year. But I had confidence. I felt buyers must like this man also.

Damon C.

This is the third time we have gone with Marvin to buy or sell a home, and as always, his service was top notch.

Dan & Kelly J.

Marvin Sommers was an easy person to deal with.

He explained the selling process very well. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Ralph H.

We purchased this property 22 years ago from Marvin as the listing REALTOR and have been a friend of his ever since.

We would certainly recommend him as our REALTOR of choice.

Vern & Ruth S.

Marvin was great to deal with and helped me find the perfect house in a tough market.

I will be recommending him in the future.

Tina R.

This would be the 4th time I have used Marvin Sommers for a reason.

As well as my parents and mother-in-law. Marvin does what he promises and answers all my questions. Thank you Marvin!!

G. &. K. B.

I recently sold my home and bought a condo.

Fortunately I enlisted Marvin Sommers to be my Real Estate agent.Marvin assisted me through all the transactions in a most efficient, pleasant and professional way.I would recommend Marvin most highly to anyone considering buying or selling a property.Yours truly,

Ella S.

Marvin was where he said he would be, doing what he said he would do, when he said he would do it.

Can't ask for more.

Steven W.

Marvin was very professional and informative.

We look forward to finding our new home with him.

Shane P. & Sharla P.


Sommers was incredible with both our sale and purchase! The overall experience was great and something we would choose to do again with Mr. Sommers.

Mike G. & Pam D.

We think Marvin is great and we will continue to deal with him for any purchases.

Gary & Dawn D.

Marvin was very informative what to look out for.

Because I lived so far away, my son would look at a place with Marvin, I would get a call to come if they thought it could be the one. They saved me many travel miles. Marvin kept me informed and he said we will find something, and we did.

Mary D.

We were very pleased with how Marvin showed us a variety of homes, which met all the guidelines we had asked of him.

We would not hesitate to use Marvin again to either purchase or sell our house. Thanks Marvin!!!

Mr. B.

Marvin was a strong, calm pillar during a very quick process of listing & selling.

Jocelyn C.

Marvin was previously known to us.

Our rating (exceeds expectations) clearly demonstates that we would not hesitate to have Marvin assist us again.

Denis & Fran R.

Marvin was very patient and honest.

He provided us with a lot of useful information to assist us as first time buyers. We did not feel pushed or rushed into a decision. As Marvin said, "I have never 'sold' a house, the house sells itself. I show you them and you will know when it is right." This approach is much appreciated!

Jason F. & Colleen W.

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